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  A sprawling village in Hang Dong like thousands of others across the north of Thailand is the incongruous headquarters of Recharge, a dynamic international business on the cusp of greatness…according to team members who all appear to be chomping-on-the-bit with the excitement of things to come. The labyrinth of tiny village sois is barely navigable. Dogs laze in the sun; stalls selling aromatic grilled chicken spill out onto the road, and the slow pace of country life seduces. Yet the moment you arrive at Recharge HQ, it’s impossible not to feel a thrum of energy surging. An electric tuk tuk is getting juiced up at the parking dock next to the Recharge café. Inside, over a cappuccino, a white-haired man is discussing the use of light to repair degenerative brain cells with a colleag … Continued

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